The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is one way to demonstrate your competitiveness and your likelihood to succeed in a course, if you are applying to the University of Melbourne under the Non-school leaver entry pathway.

About the SAT

The SAT Reasoning Test is administered by the College Board in the USA, and is a measure of the critical thinking skills needed for academic success. The SAT assesses how well you analyse and solve problems.

The SAT includes three sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing, with a specific number of questions in each section.

The content and format of the SAT reflect accepted educational standards and practices:

  • the Critical Reading section emphasises reading and assesses students’ ability to draw inferences, synthesise information, distinguish between main and supporting ideas, and understand vocabulary as it is used in context
  • the Mathematics section requires students to apply mathematical concepts and to use data literacy skills in interpreting tables, charts, and graphs
  • The Writing section includes both multiple-choice questions that deal with the mechanics of writing and an example of direct writing in the form of an essay.