The GMAT Course is one of the effective short-term preparation classes available at Skyfall. If you want fast and efficient preparation for the exam, our 36 hrs Course is for you. Our powerful techniques, methodologies, and strategies will help you exceed your expectations and reach your full potential.

Sections No. of Questions Kinds of Questions Time
1. Analytical Writing 2 1. Analysis of an Issue
2. Analysis of an Argument
30 minutes
30 minutes
2. Verbal 41 1. Sentence Correction
2. Reading Comprehension
3. Critical Reasoning
75 minutes
3. Math 37 1. Multiple choice questions
2. Data sufficiency
75 minutes


The Best Value
The GMAT Course duration consists of eighteen lecture hours taught from Sunday to Friday by one of our highly-trained instructors. The cost of the Course includes pre-class study material, the complete course booklet, access to our Email Assistance Program, a personal copy of Official GMAT Guide, and five Computer Adaptive Practice Tests.